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"Hello and welcome to this portal!  As the author of the book titled Master Key to Amazing Life, it is my pleasure and honor to present you with this informative portal pertaining to this book.  The contents of this book are far from a conventional self-help assistant; Your health affects your daily life in the pursuit of wealth and happiness. Through intensive research and scientific health facts, I give you the master key to a healthy mind and a joyful life. As happiness comes from fulfillment, 1000 CAD of the earnings from this book are donated for charitable purposes. But we also provide the chance for a lucky winner to win 1000 CAD as long as they purchase the book and follow proper instructions on Amazon. I hope my experience and dedication to creating a healthy environment for your daily life nurtures your desire to a better future."
  • Dr. Mehran Yanough
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The book is available in 3 different formats:

Paperback Large Print - Paperback - Kindle Ebook

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