About Dr. Mehran Yanough

Dr. Mehran Yanough was born in Northern Iran in 1970. He entered the National University of Tehran (capital city of Iran) in 1988 and started to study medicine. He was recognized as the 3rd top student in comprehensive medical basic science exam in Iran among 5000 talented medical students. He graduated as MBBS, MD General Practitioner Doctor in 1998. For 8 years he worked in Iran and afterward, he moved to UAE in 2006 and worked as a doctor in private sector, still practicing in UAE as the family practitioner. He holds 4 international certificates in rescue field:
  • BLS, ACLS, ATLS, PALS from American Academy of Surgeons and American Heart Association
  • 2 equivalent degree accesses and MCCEE, MCCQE1 from the Medical Council of Canada in 2011 and 2015.
  • 3 licenses to practice from DHA, DHCC, AND MOH within the United Arab Emirates,
He was the only Iranian doctor permitted to continue his practices in Dubai Healthcare City. Staying true to his well-earned experience accumulated over years in medical fields and real life, Doctor Mehran has decided to share his vast experience with you. You can find out more about him on: LinkedIn - Twitter - Amazon